Choose a lady who deserves a crown for charm and help her win to conquer her heart!
Charm in Focus
This event puts the spotlight on the captivating appeal of the most beautiful girls, celebrating their allure. Actively support the preferred profiles by casting votes backed with credits - our internal currency.
No Limits
Enjoy the freedom without any restrictions, whether for one girl or multiple, embracing a sense of uninhibited choice. We also have no restrictions on the number of votes or credits that support them.
Jackpot Magic
Witness the dynamic creation of the prize pool, as participants' votes converge, molding the grand jackpot in real-time. It is formed by the combined number of credits all the users have sent as their votes for participants.
Lady’s Triumph
Amidst the competition, only one girl will emerge as the ultimate winner, securing the coveted title. Effortlessly stay in the loop by checking results on the corresponding page that provides instant clarity.
Shared Jackpot
After the winner is announced, the jackpot magic takes place. Experience the shared joy of success as users who voted for the leader get a piece of the jackpot pie according to their contribution!
Our Beauty Contest in a Nutshell
Additional Engagement
These enchanting ladies aren't just contestants; they're active members of J4L. Chat with them online throughout and beyond the contest. Build meaningful connections that transcend the competition.
Girls Are Waiting for Your Votes
Check who is there! Maybe one of these ladies will be the next Queen of our Beauty Contest. Find your personal number one and make her shine!
Answering Common Questions
What's the concept
behind the jackpot pool?
This is a unique treasure trove! It comprises credits, and an impressive 90% will be shared among the participants who voted for the winner. The remaining 10%? That's our site commission – a small fee for the spectacular display you're about to witness.
How can I secure a share of the jackpot?
The jackpot is divided among the triumphant voters. Your votes for the winner backed with credits earn you a share, determined by a simple formula: Your personal jackpot winnings = (Jackpot amount / Total votes for the winning contestant) * Your votes for her.
How do I participate in the voting?
To engage in this extraordinary event, all you need to do is become a registered user of our dating site. Simply join, acquire your credits, and behold the enchantment as you cast your votes!
Is there a limit to the number of votes I can cast?
You can support as many contestants as you desire an infinite number of times. There are no voting restrictions, so feel free to shower your favorites with endless love and credits!
What is the credit limit for voting?
The possibilities are endless! The more you engage, the more splendid the jackpot awaits you. It's a win-win – lavish your favorites with votes and witness your prize reaching unprecedented heights!
How will the winner be determined?
The winner isn't decided solely by votes but by the total number of credits. Any participant has the potential to be the shining star – make your chosen one stand out with your votes. In this grand display, it's not about the quantity but the quality!
What is one vote?
Each vote is equivalent to ten credits. Your contribution can be the decisive factor in the final count.
Will there be other beauty contests in the future?
Stay updated by checking our news and keeping a close eye on your inbox. The stage is set, and you're on the VIP list for the grand return of beauty! Get ready to vote again soon!
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